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 Easy Attender 1.6

 Easy Attender is voice driven telephone system that helps your business clients/customers to place or book order for your goods or services.

Easy Attender is capable of entertaining the callers, as soon as callers in touch with your business, It can locate the clients/customers physical address and the quantity of the orders that caller books via phone.

You can search your clients/customers order by using searching features which are built in available in Easy Attender. Searching can be done date wise, location wise, client/customer wise and vice versa.

Easy Attender also gives an option to your caller to drop the voice mail to your company And you can retrieve the voice mail via your phone or through web interface, in this way you are full- time connected to your business caller and can have more revenue on your business.

The latest version of Easy Attend 1.6 has also SMS (Short Message Service) capability that enable end users to send automatic SMS to the targeted business customers.It works with all major mobile phone operators across the world.

Al Shalal Pure Drinking Water (Dubai UAE) has implemented The Easy Attender 1.2 at very large industrial level. Easy Attender is capable to recieve the automatic orders for drinking water delivery across Dubai & Sharjah.

Please feel free to dial toll free: 800-4342 (within UAE) to have the live demo of Easy Attender 1.2


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