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Audio visual systems have entered the digital age. AV integrators today must be as comfortable with IP network protocols as they are with screen sizing or audio dispersion. They must also understand digital rights management, digital signal processing, digital cabling and switching and a host of other issues.

That’s why Expert ability to attract and keep the best talent is so important. Because the technology is changing rapidly, you need to know that the people working on your new AV system are among the most knowledgeable and experienced anywhere.

At EXPERT Systems, our engineers average over ten years of AV industry experience and our programmers over five. Each of our project managers has been with the company for at least ten years.

And because you want your new system to keep working year after year, it’s nice to know that the individuals who install it today will be the ones who maintain it, service it and upgrade it when the time comes.

Because our staff is so well qualified and our turnover rate so low, we are confident that we will provide a level of service beyond anything you’ve seen from any other AV integrator.

Design-Build Service

Consider allowing EXPERT to design and install your next conference room, classroom, video conference suite or specialized AV system.

One of our account managers will meet with you then draw up a formal needs analysis to help us understand your requirements, your budget, and the needs of the various users of your new AV system. He or she will explain and demonstrate appropriate technologies, drawing on the experience of various people at EXPERT to ensure that your new system is the best possible.

Our engineers will work with the project architect to develop an appropriately appointed space, preparing the necessary CAD drawings, schematics and acoustical models. Our technicians will assemble needed components and fabricate equipment racks, Our programmers will make sure that control panels and audio and video processors work efficiently and intuitively. Our field technicians will install your new system at your site and commission it, making sure that everything performs at its peak. A highly experienced project manager will make sure that the entire AV installation process goes smoothly and that EXPERT technicians interface well with contractors, electricians and other trades.

Once your audio visual installation is complete, we will carefully train your users and technical staff in its operation, provide as-built drawings and other documentation, and provide the resources needed to our service department so they are ready to step in should any maintenance be required.

All of our AV installation work includes a one year warranty on workmanship.

We also offer unique ‘rollover’ service agreements, which include preventative maintenance visits, a 24/7 emergency hotline, loaner equipment, unlimited end-user training – and rollover or refund of any unused labor hours at the end of the year.

AV Integration

If you are an architect, AV or acoustical consultant, consider adding EXPERT to your resource list for New England-based audio visual installation projects.

Our work is well known and appreciated within the consulting community – among our recent AV installation projects are the AV and collaborative systems for CVS Caremark in Woonsocket, RI, MIT Sloan School of Management, Yale New Haven Hospital, Newton North High School and the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, all implementing system designs by leading consulting firms.

We hope you’ll call us whenever questions come up on new technologies or new products or have a specific question on a project you’re working on. We will be very happy to help you in any way we can.

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